Hello everyone and welcome to our online shop

Welcome to 'Lady B's' online shop where you will find a selection of our gorgeous pieces.

We are still adding the finishing touches to our online shop, so there will be much more to come, but for the full boutique in a bus experience and many more gorgeous things find where we'll be by visiting our website or signing up to our weekly diary page which tells you where you can find us, for the full boutique in a bus experience.

Don't forget boutique in a bus is here for you! Looking for ways to raise funds? Looking for extra footfall at your event? Something unique for your event? Look no further, 'Lady B' can come to your event or fundraiser. Go onto our website, click on book your own event and fill out the booking enquiry and its as simple as that!

We really hope to see you onboard 'Lady B' soon, as it is an experience not to be missed!

Lesley x